Social Media Evidence Experts was founded in 2013 with a simple vision: to become the leading resource for turning social media data into legally persuasive evidence.

As more of our lives are not only recorded but experienced through a digital medium, so the artefacts that make up those experiences continue to exist in the digital realm. In an increasing fashion, forward-thinking individuals are looking to collect those artefacts and use them to bolster their arguments. But how can you render something that exists only as electrons and organised magnetic charges into a visceral, tangible object that sways a rational mind to your view?

Social Media Evidence Experts, to borrow a phrase, are what it says on the tin. If you want to find and use social media as evidence, use an expert. This website is not a sales pitch. We are what we profess to be – if you need us you will find us. The purpose of this site is to openly engage with the concepts and ideas of shaping the amorphous fog of online interactions into an irresistible conclusion. Argument is encouraged – civility is demanded.